My Favorite Part

Hi lovely people,

I thought for my first “real” post I would go ahead and share some of my favorite things about writing.

Alrighty, my favorite part is: Meeting new characters! To tell you the truth I love meeting new people, so meeting characters is just as good. My personality type is ENFP, and I live up to it. I love people, people are the best. This is also why I love the Doctor. He loves people, especially humans, too!!! Ahem, sorry, I almost started fangirling there. Anywho, I love discovering what makes my characters tick. I love it when they occasionally get into my head and we get into arguments. But, I also have a hard time with this. I find it difficult to discover their backstory. I have a couple good tricks for really meeting your characters, which I will share in my next blog post.

What’s your favorite part of writing? Let me know in the comments!

Have fun adventuring!



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