Meeting Your Characters

Now I want to say this right now, I do not mean to say that any advice I give is the only way you could or should do something. I am only giving tips that I think are helpful. There, now you can’t kill/sue me. 🙂

The very first thing I do when meeting a new character is daydream. I love doing this, I have always loved daydreaming ever since I was a little girl. It earned me a lot of homework when I was a public schooled kindergartner though. First I choose my character and put them in their world. And I have them interact with other characters and such. I let myself have bunches of fun with this step. I do anything I want romantic scenes, fights, crying like a Disney princess. And I try out different personalities and looks.

What do they look like? I slowly fill this in the more I daydream. What do they wear? I like to add a personal item that everyone will someday see and start fingerling over because they recognize it as one of my characters. You know like, converse, red and blue handkerchiefs and shirts, bowties, scarves, and deerstalkers.

What do they sound like? I like to also give each character a word or two that they would never ever use. Then one or two words that they use all the time. Maybe your MMC hates it when people use the word gorgeous (don’t ask me why), try making it a word your FMC uses whenever she wants to irritate him. Get creative, you’re a writer.

Then for my next step. I tend to do this when I can’t think of a scene that I want to keep, but one that I want to write anyways. It’s pretty much the same as daydreaming. I just do it on paper. It’s a good writing exercise and it’s fun. Plus there’s no pressure on you about writing well. It’s all about finding out who your characters are.

Do you have any tips or things you would like to share?

Have fun adventuring!



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